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  • Reduced OSHA recordables over a 3-year period from 10 in 2019 to 2 in 2022. Went a total of 472 days without an OSHA when previous high water mark was 150
  • Started a safety near-miss and action tracking system that allowed for employee submission of safety fixes. in 3 years, have received over 2,400 submissions and closed out 2,200.
  • Saved in excess of $500K through insourcing of work to an underutilized, in-house heat treatment facility.
  • Brokered Long Term Agreements with several test labs to decrease overall testing costs at a rate of roughly 5% year over year through both volume agreements and preferred payment terms. Saved roughly $750K in testing costs over 6 year period.
  • Gained 30-40% productivity boosts through automation of final dimensional inspection via the use of robots and white light scanning cells. Reduced overall headcount by 40% during the same time frame, saving roughly $450K in labor and fringe cost.


General Exposures:
METAL: High-temp Alloys (Expertise), Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Specialty Grades, Closed and Open Die forging of Nickel Superalloys, Titanium, Steel, and Aluminum
SHAPE: Rings, Closed Die Disks, Pipe
PROCESS:  Forging (Expertise), Casting, Blanking, Heat Treatment, Machining, Destructive Testing, Non Destructive Testing

Previous Experience:
Titles: Plant Quality Engineer, Operations Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Production Planner
Companies: Manufacturer
Management Experience
Team Details: 51+ people
Interested in
Titles: VP/Director of Operations, Plant Manager
Other Key Information
Tenure: 10-20 years
Degrees/Certifications: BS Mechanical Engineering, MBA International Business and Supply Chain
Residence: US – SouthEast
Relocation: No
Non-Compete: No
Min Comp Needs: $175,000

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