Candidate ID#160385


  • Integrated a continuous caster into a 100% ingot cast shop. Reduced required staffing levels.
  • Completed business transforming projects aimed at cost reduction and capability enhancements.
  • Set production and quality records in an electric furnace steelmaking shop.
  • Helped to develop equipment and procedures to improve safety at an EAF.
  • Developed refining slag-making procedures to reduce refractory consumption and reduce caster clogging.

General Exposures:
METAL: Carbon Steel (Expertise), Low Alloy Carbon Steels
SHAPE: Bar/Rod, Tube/Pipe, Scrap to liquid to ingot or cast bloom
PROCESS:  Fabrication, Casting (Expertise), Electric Furnace Melting

Previous Experience:
Titles: Supervisor, Metallurgist, Engineer, Process, Operations Manager
Companies: Manufacturer, Mini-Mill, Fabricator
Management Experience
Team Details: 51+ people
Interested in
Title: Assistant Plant Manager, VP/Director of Operations, Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Process Engineer, General Manager, Metallurgist, Technical Service
Other Key Information
Tenure: 20+ years
Degrees/Certifications: B.S in Metallurgical Engineering, M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, M.B.A. in Business Administration
Residence: US- NorthEast
Relocation: No
Non-Compete: No
Min Comp Needs: $130,000

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