Candidate ID#231864


  • Purchased cash flowing 100 unit multifamily for $2.5M and sold for $6.3M after 6 years
  • Grew business to more than $1.5M in annual sales and market
    valuation of $700K and executing projects for 450 people
  • Managed project to develop, pilot, and implement global serial genealogy system for ATM and SSCO product lines across 5 plants, major service centers, and 3rd party vendors with the intention to improve reliability and reduce fieldfailures and servicing costs. Initial implementation 6 months after project conceptualization

General Exposures:
METAL: Carbon Steel, Aluminum
SHAPE: Flat Rolled/Coils, Bar/Rod, Tube/Pipe
PROCESS: Fabrication, Coated/Painted

Previous Experience:
Titles: Quality Manager, President/CEO, Mechanical Engineer, VP/Director of Quality, Process Engineer, Operations Manager
Companies: Manufacturer, Fabricator
Management Experience
Team Details: 21-30 people

Interested in
Titles: VP/Director of Quality, Process Engineer, VP/Director of Operations, Quality Manager, Operations Manager
Other Key Information
Tenure: 10-20 years
Degrees/Certifications: BME, MSME, MBA, Lean Six Sigma
Residence: US – SouthEast
Relocation: No
Non-Compete: No
Min Comp Needs: $80,000

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