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  • Introduced first-in-the-world technologies (Hybrid welding, UT testing, Coil end conditioning, end preparation). Trademarked IP, integrated quality systems, developed a manufacturing lifecycle, and evangelized value proposition. This grew revenue by $200M, improved throughput by 40% and margins by 7%, lowered waste by 60%, decreased conversion costs by $40/ton, and captured 15% more market share.
  • Led construction, commissioning, startup, and initial operations of $250M greenfield startup. As a result, captured 90% market share and delivered ROI within one year at $2B in US revenue; this was replicated globally to realize $2B in additional revenue.
  • Developed a strategic plan to create the first commercially viable X80 grade HSLA steel welded pipe for energy transmission. Formed partnerships with suppliers/partners, gained regulatory approvals, led prototype development/production, and initiated training. The project was completed in 90 days and generated $200M in revenue and $400M in subsequent projects.
  • Led turnaround of an underperforming facility; Built a programmatic maintenance plan, instituted Lean, Six Sigma, 5S, etc., identified assets to retrofit/upgrade, assembled a planning team and negotiated large contracts for controls upgrades, and implemented training, while renegotiating with vendors and strategic partners. This reduced WIP by 40% and nearly eliminated downtime decreased (20% to 2%). Throughput increased by 33%, revenue increased to $2B with a 4% margin increase

General Exposures:
METAL: Carbon Steel (Expertise), Stainless (Expertise), High-temp Alloys (Expertise), Specialty Grades (Expertise), Specialty Grades

SHAPE: Flat Rolled/Coils (Expertise), Plate, Bar/Rod, Structural (Expertise), Extruded Shapes, Tube/Pipe (Expertise), Strip, Tube/Pipe, Plate (Expertise), Wire, Extruded Shapes (Expertise), Structural, Strip (Expertise), Flat Rolled/Coils, Bar/Rod (Expertise), Wire (Expertise)

Broad market and technical background in metals manufacturing industry with stainless steels, carbon steels proprietary alloys as well as argon-oxygen decarburized metals. End use products include: forgings, rolling, stamping, pressing, welding, machining OCTG products, DSAW pipe, seamless pipe, SBQ and MBQ bar product, shaped steel inclusive of hex, square, angled, rebar, sheet, wire rod, and more.

PROCESS: Casting (Expertise), Slitting (Expertise), Casting, Fabrication, Cut-to-length, Roll-forming, Fabrication (Expertise), Cut-to-length (Expertise), Blanking (Expertise), Forging (Expertise), Forging, Coated/Painted, Roll-forming (Expertise), Coated/Painted (Expertise), Slitting

Metals process mastered include the following: EAF melting and ladle refinement, Argon Oxygen Decarburization, Electro-Slag Remelting, Electro-Magnetic Stirring, Induction melting and reheating, Blast, Normalizing, Tempering, Atmospheric furnace heat treating, billet molding, Continuous Strand Casting, Slab casting, Primary Billet Rolling, Drawn over Mandrel rolling, Hot Piercing, Secondary Billet
Previous Experience:
Titles: VP (Executive VP), Maintenance Manager, Plant Manager, General Manager, VP/Director of Engineering, VP/Director of Maintenance, VP/Director of Operations
Companies: Service Center, Trader, Manufacturer, Mini-Mill, Recycler, Fabricator, Mill, Extruder, Toll Processor
Management Experience
Team Details: 51+ people
Interested in
Title: VP (Executive VP), President/CEO, General Manager, VP/Director of Maintenance, VP/Director of Operations, VP/Director of Engineering
Other Key Information
Tenure: 20+ years
Degrees/Certifications: Bachelor of Science Automated Manufacturing; Associate Degree Electrical Engineering; AFE Certified Plant Maintenance Manager; RABQSA Certified Lead quality Auditor; Six Sigma Black Belt; Governors Quality Award Examiner State of Arkansas
Residence: US- MidWest
Relocation: Yes
Non-Compete: No
Min Comp Needs: $200,000

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