Candidate ID#99778


  • Managed the start-up of a new Red Bud CTL that was generating $100,000 in internal revenue within three months.
  • Implemented truck routing optimization software saving $200,000 over five years.
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs by $60,000 in two years and implemented a CMMS.
  • Implemented a Total Productive Manufacturing Program and increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by 33% and equipment availability by 25%
  • Participated on a corporate project team that created a wireless and paperless pick and pack system for sheet, plate, rod, bar, and extrusions that was implemented in 15 facilities prior to a merger

General Exposures:
METAL: Specialty Grades, Carbon Steel, Stainless (Expertise), Aluminum (Expertise)
SHAPE: Strip, Flat Rolled/Coils (Expertise), Bar/Rod (Expertise), Plate (Expertise), Extruded Shapes (Expertise), Tube/Pipe
PROCESS: Cut-to-length (Expertise), Blanking (Expertise), Slitting (Expertise), Milling, Shearing, Sawing
Previous Experience:
Titles: Quality Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Representative
Companies: Service Center, Manufacturer
Management Experience
Team Details: 31-50 people
Interested in
Title: Operations Manager, General Manager, Plant Manager, Regional Operations Manager, Director of Operations
Other Key Information
Tenure: 20+ years
Degrees/Certifications: MBA, BBA, AAA
Residence: US – SouthWest
Relocation: Yes
Non-Compete: No
Min Comp Needs: $100,000

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