When you are a part of the plastics industry, the technical sales support team plays an important role. To find a great fit, look for signs of top performers in technical sales.

Companies should be on the lookout for these traits. Meanwhile, candidates should highlight these traits in their applications and interviews.

Top Performers in Technical Sales Identify Customer Needs

One of the most important traits of top performers in technical sales is their ability to identify customer needs. This contrasts with those in the role who accept the needs as given. The best technical sales employees will take the time to confirm those needs.

In many cases, this means discovering new needs. The best candidates will use their specialized experience and knowledge to ask insightful questions. They will then take the time to consider all of the options. During the process, they are willing to accept criticism.

The goal here is to understand customer needs and whether the employee does so by themselves.

Invests in Professional Development

Many people today are looking for careers with growth opportunities. This is especially true for the best technical sales employees. But these employees aren’t just happy to wait for their employer to offer opportunities.

The best technical sales support will put matters into their own hands and go out of their way to learn new skills. This will include taking on difficult tasks and encouraging feedback or suggestions.

Of course, they will also take advantage of whatever opportunities your metals or plastics firm offers.

Excellent at Building Relationships

Anyone working in technical sales must be able to build a rapport with their clients quickly. This frequently comes in the form of being excellent at building relationships.

Top performers will be able to interact with everyone involved, from clients to business stakeholders. They will be comfortable doing so and leave both parties happy after every interaction.

Great at Active Listening

The ability of technical sales top performers to build relationships and find client needs has something important in common – active listening. As those examples show, active listening will be crucial to interactions with nearly everyone involved.

Active listening skills help technical salespeople find problems as well as solutions. It helps ensure they listen to the best ideas and see all viewpoints, even if they conflict with their own. This also goes hand-in-hand with accepting criticism.

Strives to Be a Team Player

The best technical salespeople will also be team players. This will come through in their actions in addition to their thoughts. The process of selling technology must always involve a team. In most cases, the salesperson must work with the technical specialist to understand the product and what can be offered to clients. But other teamwork is also required.


 When hiring for a technical sales role, look for the above traits. You want someone who can identify customer needs, build relationships, be a team player, and always looks to improve themselves.

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