How to Handle the Counteroffer When You’re Ready to Leave


“The only constant thing in life is change,” so goes the cliché. The fact that technology and modern life have shown us endless possibilities and opportunities of what we can do has changed the way we work, regardless of the field or occupation.

With these opportunities, it is absolutely normal to feel dissatisfied at your job and want something better for yourself. For whatever reason, you choose to leave your job, whether, for moral, financial, or mental health reasons, there is no need to feel guilty.

However, sometimes when you plan to leave your job, your employer might make you a counteroffer to make your stay, perhaps because you are a highly skilled employee and there is no one else in the company who is as good at what you do. It may be that you are a positive influence in the office, or maybe the boss is just afraid of the cost of training your replacement.

The counter-offer may be a raise, additional allowances, and benefits, or even a promotion. It may be a promise to address the concerns that you have raised (in case your reason for leaving is due to something negative in the workplace). To help you make your decision, here are a few tips to keep in mind about how to handle the counteroffer.

Tips to Handle the Counteroffer

  • Think about why the employer didn’t recognize your merit until you decided to leave

If the employer doesn’t recognize you until you decide to leave, it might be a warning sign that such an employer is looking out for his own interests rather than yours. The employer may be handing you the counteroffer because he is worried about the cost of training your replacement. Such an act doesn’t benefit you in any way, and it is best you reject the counteroffer.

  • You have burnt your bridges

If you do stay after the counteroffer, the fact that you were willing to leave in the first place will cause the employer to view you as disloyal, or at worst a mercenary who is only in the office for the money.

  • Consider the reason you wanted to leave in the first place

If the reason you choose to leave your current job is that of toxic workplace culture, a new office or a raise will not change much about that. Unfortunately for you, you will no longer be able to raise those issues since you have accepted a counteroffer.

  • Evaluate your options before handling the counteroffer

Before you consider the counteroffer, you have before you, make sure you evaluate what you have to enjoy at your new job and compare it with what the counteroffer has in stock for you. You are in the best position to decide what works best for you based on your needs.

In certain cases, you may decide to stay back if you feel that the counteroffer will fix the reason you want to leave. However, make sure there is a concrete resolution on how the counteroffer will be implemented between you and your employer.

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