Let’s look at what separates companies with attractive cultures from those that are less appealing, along with some things you can do to develop a company culture that attracts great talent.

In today’s tight talent market, metals companies are eager to increase employee retention and hold the line on turnover.

When it comes to hiring for the metals industry, employers need to go beyond traditional recruitment methods. The success of any metals company relies heavily on who is recruited and how well they can perform their job duties.

If you're in the metals industry, then you know that outside sales reps are key to your company's success. After all, they're the ones who are out there pounding the pavement, making connections, and closing deals.

No manager wants to have to deal with employees who keep making mistakes, especially in an industry like metals where the stakes are high. While some mistakes are inevitable, repeated ones are a different matter.

It is normal to have questions about hiring in the metals industry. One of the most common is, when should you ask for references? Many companies ask for references all the time. Others never do. Still others find a middle ground.